well i was up-north this weekend. it was a fun weekend me and my brother got tickets for ridding four-wheelers on the wrong trail. GAY. Well yah im home now i bet u all missed me. hahaha right. Well i quit smoking i wonder how long i am going to last.

so for the show on Aug 22nd at hot rocks these are the bands we got for sure thanks to Mike
-as dawn falls
-the weakend
-and the sky went red
-dead in romeos eyes

we got a show on july 23rd (i think)lions club
and july 27th

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well i have been at the hospital the last 2 days, i feel like a good friend (well i am) and yah kyle is doing better but he is still sick. He has bleeding in his brain and his left eye he cant see out of well. Hey is getting another cat scan tomarrow morning and ill be up there after that. Im guessing ill be there at like 2pm. Well yah we had a little party for him today in the hospital. It was Me,mike,james,amanda,zach,shay,sara, and zachs girlfriend(i dont know how to spell it. im dumb its like briana) ok well yah anyways we were so loud and yah the food there is weird

Ok well im getting ready for bed

we are setting up a charity show for Kyles hospital bill we are looking at these bands as dawn falls, fordirelifesake, the chiodos bros, and the sky went red, still remains, from a second story window and possably till death do us part (danny jays band)

thnx and keep praying

we are with you

This post is of bad news. My best friend of 7 years is in the hospital. Kyle has been having problems for the past week. Im not going to say anything im not sure about. But all i ask is that anyone who cares about him or at least knows him keeps him in there thoughts and prayers. The more people that are thinking of him the better. The more minds the stronger. Kyle has a strong heart and he will pull through anything but this would just be easier if he had the help of his friends and family and most of all God. Well everyone from dead in romeos eyes is going to go see him tomarrow if he is still there and check up on him and ill tell you what i find out.

KYLE-serial killer vs cereal killer - this picture of you dead in my arms will hang from the nail that you drove through me heart.

We all love you Kyle

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new journal look

well i did my journal underoath style. yay. Yah i had to work today at 8am which was nice. I also worked last night to so i got good sleep, haha. Well yah im kinda bored right now but oh well. I am going to start trying to be real nice to the people i care about, so watch out. I mean me and kyle have been best friends since 4th grade and i think i ruined that because of people saying shit there not supposed to, like he thinks i talk behind his back but really what i say when he isnt there he knows, this is the kind of things i say, Kyle sleeps to late, Kyle can be lazy. kyle has aids (ok i made that up) he has anal desease. haha. Well yah life is going pretty good i mean at least i think so. Well hey if im going to be nicer to all you guys be nicer to me. give me a call sometime, i dont have a cell yet but ill get one and ill post my number to everyone that i want to have it.

DIRE-kyle,nick,tony, and ME
(tryout for bass and keyboard) we need that

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so yah today has been real boring, i was supposed to hang out with katie but she has been away all day. umm i went to craigs house and hung out with him,john,miles and then bryan came by and i took off (not cuz of him) ill prolly go back over there tonight.
Well i feel real bad about yesterday and nick so im srry nick, i just need to talk to kyle about the band thing. Well on another note, yah im bored


well last night kinda sucked, i heard that im getting kicked out of my band because of my attitude when everyone else has a worse attitude than me besides tony. But i dont know. Im going to see how the next couple practices go and i want to just find out whats going on.

thank you Mike, Tony, Weber, and Katie for not being an ass to me yesterday. You guys rock.

You know i always say to the guys i rather be your friend than a band mait. But if i get kicked out i dont know what im going to do music wise, prolly try to start another band but its hard to fine bassist and drummers.

Well i got to go to work i hope no one else talks behind my back anymore. That shit sucks

4-2=2 well i passed math
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good days

well yesterday was awsome. I found out that i failed history II and that i have to take that shit over again. So i am going to take summer skool not this year but next year. Umm alot of things went wrong yesterday but later on in the day things started to work out. At like 7 i meet Katie and her friend at the mall. We went to coney and then walked around. One of katies friends boyfriend or something meet us up there also. and then we left to go to fort fraser. Me and Katie were there by ourselfs becuase the others left to get ice cream. I saw my step-dad and little sister there and my little sister said this to katie, "what did you do to your hair". Weird, she has never seen her. Well we walked around and than sat in my car and talked and what not. geez i wish every night was as good as last night.

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so yah yesterday i worked from 3-6:30 and then i went and did shit and then i went back to work from 10-12:30 and i dont work again until next sunday at 8 AM. gay.


i want to thank everyone that came last night. It was a fun show. We will start playing shows soon. So just keep listening to us and keeping an eyes on our site for shows. Thanks a million

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